Brutal Assault 2019
Entry time

W sklepie można zakupić jedynie bilety kolekcjonerskie z opcją wysyłki kurierskiej (nie ma opcji ebiletów).

Sprzedajemy karnety na cały festiwal (nie będziemy mieli w sprzedaży biletów na pojedyncze dni oraz pakietów z polem namiotowym).


All tickets purchased from Knock Out Productions are collector tickets. They are individually designed, and printed on hard, laminated paper.

There are 2 ways to receive purchased tickets:

  • Electronically (i.e. e-tickets) – If you select this option, you will receive your e-tickets via email upon payment of the order. You can exchange them for collector tickets at the concert entrance after the bar code of your e-ticket has been scanned.
  • By courier service– If you select this option, you can have your collector tickets sent to the address provided (12 PLN, available up to 7 days before the concert). In this case, you will not receive an e-ticket via email, only an order confirmation. You must bring your collector ticket to the concert to gain entry.

General directions for the festival visitors 1. The visitor of the festival has to respect the organisers’ and festival's crew directions. The safety search will be done at the entrance gate. The security crew is permitted to make luggage and body searches. 2. It is strictly forbidden to bring glass and plastic bottles, cans, weapons, umbrellas and health-dangerous objects to the festival area. Objects of such character will be confiscated without any compensation. 3. Video-cameras and sound-recorders are not allowed even for your personal purposes on the festival ground. Photo-cameras are allowed. 4. The owner of the ticket agrees, that audio, video or photo footage of her/his person that are taken during the event or in common with the event via current or future technologies, can be used without any compensation and time limitations. 5. The ticket looses its validity after the control-part is peeled off or after the ticket barcode has been read at the check-in system (every barcode can be used only once). Re-entry to the festival ground is possible only with a valid wristband firmly attached on your wrist. The ticket or wristband that are altered or damaged in any way, automatically lose their validity and will not be replaced under any circumstances. 6. Copying of the tickets and wrist-bands is strictly forbidden and will be punished according to the Czech law. 7. The paid admission fee cannot be refunded. In case of the festival cancellation, the refund will be paid at the supplier up to one month from the original dates. No additional expenses (accommodation, travelling expenses, service fees) will be replaced. 8. Changes in the festival program and schedule are reserved. 9. It is forbidden to enter the fenced areas, especially the walls of fortress. 10. It is strictly forbidden to enter the stage or backstage areas. 11. Camping is allowed at the reserved and designed places. The organisers don't take any responsibility for items discarded at the camping site. 12. Parking is possible in the marked parking lots and neighboring roads and streets. Please respect the traffic signs. 13. Animals are strictly forbidden anywhere on the festival grounds. 14. Please use toilets to meet your personal hygienic needs. 15. Top-up your credit on your chip. Refunds will be available after the festival. 16. Throwing cups full of liquid among other people will be taken as raw defiance against the festival rules and the transgressor will be taken out the festival without any compensation. 17. We kindly ask all the attenders to follow the basic festival motto: AGAINST INTOLERANCE AND VIOLENCE.