Kreator, Dimmu Borgir
+ Hatebreed + Bloodbath
Warszawa, Hala Sportowa Koło OSIR WOLA, ul. Obozowa 60 Show a map
Entry time

Bilety na trybuny będą dostępne w dniu koncertu jako forma upgrade'u do wcześniej zakupionego biletu. Będą one dostępne do zakupu przy wejściu w cenie 40 zł/szt. Ilość biletów ograniczona.

All tickets purchased from Knock Out Productions are collector tickets. They are individually designed, and printed on hard, laminated paper.

There are 2 ways to receive purchased tickets:

  • Electronically (i.e. e-tickets) – If you select this option, you will receive your e-tickets via email upon payment of the order. You can exchange them for collector tickets at the concert entrance after the bar code of your e-ticket has been scanned.
  • By courier service– If you select this option, you can have your collector tickets sent to the address provided (12 PLN, available up to 7 days before the concert). In this case, you will not receive an e-ticket via email, only an order confirmation. You must bring your collector ticket to the concert to gain entry.