The KNOCK OUT PRODUCTIONS webstore, available under the internet domain, is run by Grzegorz Ochab, conducting business activity under the company name GO4Music Grzegorz Ochab, NIP 9452054217, hereinafter referred to as GO4Music.



The following terms shall be defined for purposes of these Regulations:

  1. Store – internet platform under the domain, operating on the principles set out in these Regulations, consisting of graphic elements and software enabling provision of services by electronic means to Clients, through which Client Accounts, and the internet sale, distribution, and promotion of tickets are run by GO4Music.
  2. Client – An entity using the Store that is a natural person 18 years of age or older with full legal capacity, a legal person, an organizational unit without a legal personality that can acquire rights and incur liabilities on its own behalf, or a person between 13 and 17 years of age, to the extent that they can acquire rights and incur liabilities in accordance with generally applicable law.
  3. Consumer– A Client who is a natural person conducting legal activity with an entrepreneurship not directly related to their own economic or professional activity.
  4. Regulations – this document, available in printable electronic form, containing the principles of use of the Store, including with regard to establishing Client Accounts, maintaining Accounts through the Store, placement of orders, Newsletter subscriptions, submission and consideration of claims, delivery methods for tickets ordered from the Store, as well as other laws and obligations of the Client and the Store.
  5. Event – an artistic, cultural, sports, or other entertainment event organized by the Organizer, for which tickets from the Store are sold or distributed.
  6. Organizer – the legal person, natural person, or organizational unit without a legal personality that is organizing the Event. The Organizer of each Event will be provided in the Event description in the Store.
  7. Order – statement of the will of the Client made in the store, leading directly to the conclusion of a sales contract, with an indication of its essential terms.
  8. Ticket - a document issued by Go4Music confirming the right of the Client to participate in the Event.
  9. Collector Ticket – a paper ticket issued by Go4Music confirming the right of the Client to participate in the Event.
  10. Electronic Ticket a ticket issued in electronic form by Go4Music through the Store as a link to a printable PDF file containing a unique bar code that can be read by a scanning device confirming the right of the Client to participate in the Event.





  1. GO4Music shall provide free electronic services through the Store, including maintenance of Client Accounts and the Newsletter, and shall conduct promotion, distribution, and internet sales of Tickets to Events organized and run by individual Organizers.
  2. GO4Music is an agent for the sale and distribution of Tickets, where the Organizer is the entity responsible for the Event itself. The rules for participation in each Event are set out in the regulations issued by the Organizer.
  3. Information on the Organizer of each event, as well as on the Event itself, is included in the description of the Event in the Store and on the Ticket. Clients can also obtain information on the Organizer by contacting GO4Music directly.
  4. Minors 13 years of age or younger, if they possess a ticket, may participate in the Event exclusively under the care of an adult in possession of a Ticket, who before entering the Event signs a declaration of responsibility for the minor issued by the Organizer or GO4Music, available at the entrance of the Event.
  5. Store sales take place on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  6. To use the Store, users must have: 
  1. An end device with access to the Internet.
  2. An installed and updated internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari with JavaScript enabled.
  3. An active and properly configured email account.
  4. Cookies enabled.
  5. Pop-up windows enabled.
  6. A graphics card that supports a minimum resolution of 1240x720.
  7. A program for reading PDF files, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  1. The information posted in the Store is not an offer within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964 (Civil Code), but an invitation to conclude an agreement.
  2. Clients are prohibited from providing any content of unlawful nature.
  3. Clients are obliged to use the Store in a manner consistent with the law and the principles of social coexistence that does not disrupt the operation of the Store.
  4. GO4Music reserves the right to perform maintenance work on the ICT system, which may hinder or prevent Clients from using the services of the Store. Anticipated maintenance times will be posted in the Store before maintenance begins.
  5. Client use of the Internet and electronic services, despite various security measures taken by GO4Music, may be compromised by unauthorized access of malware to the ITC system and the device of the Client, as well as unauthorized access to the data of the Client by third parties. In order to minimize this risk, Clients should use the appropriate technical security tools such as anti-virus programs or programs that protect user identity on the Internet.




  1. The Client may order tickets available in the Store at any time by electronic means. However, GO4Music only processes orders during business days.
  2. The price of tickets in the Store are listed in Polish zlotys and include tax. However, they do not include the costs of additional services such as shipping costs or GO4Music service charges. The final ticket price, including all additional services, is listed in the Order summary shown before the final Order confirmation.
  3. To place an order, the Client must:
  1. Choose the type and quantity of Tickets for a given Event by clicking on the Event displayed in the Store, and adding Tickets to the virtual shopping cart.
  2. Choose a Ticket delivery method and payment method from among the methods offered on the Order form.
  3. Provide their personal data in the fields on the Order form.
  4. Accept these Regulations and consent to the processing of their personal information provided on the Order form.
  5. Consent to receive information from the Store regarding their Order at the email address provided.
  6. Click the “Order and Pay” button.


  1. After an Order has been successfully submitted, the Client will automatically receive an Order confirmation together with these Regulations from the Store at the email address provided.
  2. The Client may choose one of the following Ticket delivery methods:

a) Email. A link containing an Electronic Ticket in PDF format will be sent to the email address provided by the Client, which the Client is then obliged to present to the Organizer at the entrance of the Event, either in clear printed form or on a portable electronic device, and which can be exchanged for a Collector Ticket at the entrance of the Event by the Organizer.

b) Post. A Collector Ticket may be sent to the address provided by the Client, which must be presented to the Organizer at the entrance of the Event.

  1. Delivery of Tickets in paper form is possible only within Poland. Available methods and delivery costs are displayed on the Order form before each Order is confirmed.
  2. The electronic Ticket contains a unique bar code, which the Client is obliged to present to the Organizer at the entrance of the Event, and which will be scanned with a scanning device to verify the right of the Client to enter the Event.
  3. The code on the Electronic Ticket is only valid when scanned for the first time, i.e. there is no possibility of re-entry to the Event after the Electronic Ticket has been scanned. The Client, on receiving the Electronic Ticket, is therefore obliged to:

a) Store the Electronic Ticket with due diligence.

b) Not share the bar code visible on the Electronic Ticket on the Internet or any other public medium.

c) Not send the Electronic Ticket or the bar code on the Electronic Ticket by any means of communication.

d) Not share the Electronic Ticket or bar code with unauthorized persons.

The Client acknowledges that Go4Music is not responsible for unauthorized use of the Electronic Ticket on the fault of the Client, in particular through sharing the Electronic Ticket (or bar code on the Electronic Ticket) in any way with unauthorized persons.

  1. Payment in the Store is possible through an electronic payment system operated by Dotpay S.A., with headquarters in Kraków at ul. Wielickiej 72, 30-552 Kraków, NIP 6342661860, REGON 240770255, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under KRS No. 0000296790, kept by the Regional Court for Kraków - Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register.
  2. The condition of order fulfillment by GO4Music is payment for the Ticket by the Client.
    In case payment by electronic bank transfer is selected, failure to pay within 20 minutes from the moment of Order confirmation will result in cancellation of the Order by the Store.
  3. Tickets are valid for one-time entry only.
  4. In case a purchased paper Ticket has not reached the Client as late as 3 days before the start of the Event, it is recommended that the Client contact GO4Music by phone or email at to arrange a method for replacing or refunding the ticket.




  1. Go4Music offers subscriptions to a Newsletter, whereby information is sent by Go4Music via email to the email address provided by the Client. The Newsletter service is provided free of charge and for an indefinite period of time.
  2. The Newsletter contains information on Events, promotions, and other news related to the operation of the Store.
  3. The Client can unsubscribe to the Newsletter at any time by sending a statement of resignation from the Newsletter by email or post.
  4. Go4Music may discontinue Newsletter services at any time. Go4Music shall inform the Client of the intent to discontinue Newsletter services at least two weeks in advance by sending a notice via email to the email address provided by the Client on the Order form.


§ 5.


  1. Pursuant to Art. 38 in conjunction with Art. 27 of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws 24 June 2014), Consumers do not have the right to withdraw from an agreement for the sale of Tickets for Events with a set date, thus Tickets purchased through are not subject to exchange or return pursuant to these regulations.
  2. GO4Music is obliged to supply the Consumer with products free of defects and is responsible to the Consumer if a product it has supplied is physically or legally defective. Only Consumers are entitled to file claims, and GO4Music shall bear no responsibility for defects towards Clients who are not Consumers.
  3. GO4Music is only an agent of Ticket sales, and claims regarding the Event itself will be transferred to the Organizer.
  4. Claims regarding the Event can be sent:
  1. By email to
  2. By post to: GO4Music Grzegorz Ochab, ul. Józefa Chełmońskiego 130J lok. 10, 31-340 Kraków
  1. In order to facilitate the claim procedure, it is recommended that the Client send the following together with a claim containing the relevant contact information:  The Ticket and proof of purchase of the Ticket, together with a description containing as much information as possible about the reason for the claim.
  2. The claim procedure shall only concern electronic services provided GO4Music.
  3. GO4Music shall handle claims within 14 days. Responses to claims shall be sent to the physical address or email address provided by the Client, or by other means as specified by the Client.
  4. The Consumer may pursue out-of-court methods for handling claims, in particular with the following entities:

a) The Voivodeship Inspector of Trade Inspection, with a request to initiate mediation proceedings for amicable settlement of the dispute between the Consumer and GO4Music.

b) The permanent consumer arbitration court operating in collaboration with the Voivodeship Inspector of Trade Inspection, with a request for settlement of the dispute resulting from the concluded agreement.

  1. Handing claims out-of-court is voluntary, and is only possible after the claims process has been completed, and must be agreed upon by both parties.
  2. Detailed information on out-of-court methods for handling claims, as well as the rules for access to these methods, are available at the offices and on the websites of municipal consumer advocates and social organizations who are statutorily responsible for consumer protection and Voivodship Inspectorates of Trade Inspection, and at the website of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection:





  1. The Administrator of Clients' personal data is Grzegorz Ochab, conducting business activity under the company name GO4Music Grzegorz Ochab, ul. Józefa Chełmońskiego 130J lok. 10, 31-340 Kraków, entered into the Central Business Register and Information Service of the Republic of Poland, kept by the Minister of Economy, NIP 9452054217, REGON 123024130, email address:
  2. Personal data is processed on the basis of the principles set out in the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997, the Electronic Services Act of 18 July 2002, as well as other relevant regulations, and the provisions of these Regulations.
  3. The provision of personal data is voluntary, but lack of consent to the processing of the necessary personal data on the Order form will disable the performance of services and fulfillment of the Order.
  4. To successfully register in the Store or place an Order, the Client must provide the necessary personal data.
  5. Personal data are processed for the purpose of a) implementing the law, b) fulfilling the Order, and c) promotional and commercial activity.                                  
  6. The legal basis for the processing of personal data in the case referred to in Paragraph 5 Point a) is the statutory authorization to process data essential for compliance with the law; and in the cases referred to in Paragraph 5 Points b) and c), the contractual authorization to process personal data when necessary for legally justified purposes on the part of the data administrator or other recipients of the data, as well as the Client's consent.
  7. Personal data collected by GO4Music may be shared with the appropriate state authorities at their request on the basis of applicable law, as well as other persons or entities in cases provided for by the law.
  8. GO4Music shall provide the technical and organizational means appropriate to ensure the security of personal data shared by Clients, in particular by preventing access from third parties, illegal processing, and loss, damage, or destruction.
  9. Clients have the right to:
      1.  Access their shared personal data, as well as add, correct, or update the data by way of electronic communication with the data administrator, or by editing the data on their Account.
      2.  Request a temporary or permanent suspension of personal data processing or the removal of personal data, provided that the data are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, or obtained by illegal means.
      3.  Contest the processing of their personal data in cases provided for by the law, and demand the removal of their personal data if the data are no longer necessary to the purpose for which they were collected.
  10. In order to implement the rights referred to in the previous section, the data administrator must be contacted by email or post.
  11. The following Client data are automatically collected during visits to the Store:
    1. IP address
    2. Date and time of visit
    3. Type of operating system
    4. Browser type and version

These data do not enable identification of the Client, and are not used to process or store personal data.

  1. In order to adapt the Store to the individual needs of the Client, the Store uses cookies - small text files saved and stored on the devices that the Client uses to access the Store. Cookies do not contain personal data or confidential information from the device of the Client.
  2. The Store uses two basic types of cookies:

a) Session cookies - these concern the activity of the Client during a given browser session, and are deleted after the browser has been closed.

b) Persistent cookies - these remain on the device of the Client and become active when the Store is opened.

The information obtained in this way is used only for statistical purposes, and technical purposes related to server administration.

  1. The Store uses cookies to:
    1. Create anonymous statistics for purposes of optimizing site utility
    2. Maintain the Client's browsing session
    3. Adapt the content of its pages to the preferences of the Client
    4. Ensure data security
    5. Link functions of the service with other external services that the Client uses
  2. The Client may at any time disable cookies by changing the browser settings. However, this may make it difficult or impossible to use certain services.


§ 7.


  1. These regulations were issued by Grzegorz Ochab, conducting business activity under the company name Go4Music Grzegorz Ochab, ul. Józefa Chełmońskiego 130J lok. 10, 31-340 Kraków, entered into the Central Business Register and Information Service of the Republic of Poland, kept by the Minister of Economy, NIP 6772280971, REGON 120675989.
  2. These Regulations apply as of 01.09.2017.
  3. These Regulations are subject to change. Any information on changes will be posted in advance in the Store, including the date on which the changes will come into force. This information will be available in the Store for 14 calendar days. Clients with an Account in the Store will also be informed of any changes to the Regulations by Go4Music via email at the address indicated in the registration form no later than 14 calendar days before the changes are implemented.
  4. Matters not covered by these Regulations are regulated by the provisions of generally applicable law.